Product advantage

Product science innovation

Physical protection prevention principle: exhaust fan principle design, effective physical fog prevention; imperfect respiratory tube, despairing inappropriate, additive hygiene!

Design rationality

Four kinds of face color, appointment for your choosing, material contribution, material safety, design change rationality;

Self-leveling machine

Post-class breathing tube retention, respiratory adjustment order, post classification observation 可 180 ° all-around field vision, subordinate backtrack mouth addition lotus breathing, posterior class drainage drainage oversizing, drainage improvement


“Beginning and Borrowing "Honorable Managers, Takumi Mamiyoshi, Mass Mass First, Customer Satisfaction"

Shenzhen City, Dongbao Technology Co., Ltd. Foreign ownership house Frontier electronic business Commercial business Mutual referrals secretariat. Market weight point Before Kitami. Since self - determination, the company 's arrival "body cost + innovation" Muneyoshi, toy Japanese hatchery exotic market occupancy fixed amount of money. Company direct first-aid power, principal training, voluntary innovation, viewing Shincho business planning term standing and publication exhibition 之 本. Pursuing unremitting innovative products, the front row of the domestic market place, the core competitiveness of the affiliated company.

Product display



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